The Regional Brass Band Contest RSS Service

What does the new service do?

The Regions with a current web presence have joined forces to provide a new unified RSS service. The RSS channel will carry news of major updates to the regional web sites, making sure that users are the first to know about the announcement of the adjudicators for each region, the timing of the contests or the latest updates to grading tables.

Which Regions are involved?

At the moment the RSS channel will carry information about the London & Southern Counties and Yorkshire Regions. Other Regions with a web presence have been invited to join and, as regions which currently do not have web sites establish web sites they will also be able to join the feed.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication' . The technology was developed initially for news sites but it has found widespread use across the Internet as it allows the computer to check for updates to a user's favourite sites rather than the user having to navigate to each site individually.
In order to use RSS you need some software called a news reader. There are several available and some are free. Once you have installed your reader software you 'subscribe' to sites that have an RSS feed. Your news reader then checks these sites for updates on a regular basis and displays any new content in an easy to browse format. Many of the latest versions of web browsers also have support for RSS built in.

News reader examples:


Mac OS X: