Contest Timings for 2022


The venue for the contest is the Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre.

Details of the timings, locations and adjudicators are given below.

SectionDateHallNumber of bandsAdjudicatorsDraw TimeStart
ChampionshipSunday 20th MarchGordon Craig Theatre12Stephen Roberts and Steve Sykes12:30 pmFollowing the conclusion of the 4th section. Not before 2pm
1stSaturday 19th MarchGordon Craig Theatre15Sheona Wade & Chris Wormald2 & 4:30 pmFollowing the conclusion of the 2nd section. Not before 3:00pm
2ndSaturday 19th MarchGordon Craig Theatre18Brett Baker & Steve Sykes9 & 11 am10 am
3rdSunday 20th MarchMain Hall17David Ashworth & Chris Wormald10 am & 12 pm11 am
4thSunday 20th MarchGordon Craig Theatre13Brett Baker & Phillip Littlemore9 am & 11 am10 am