Adjudicators for 2017

The importance of the Yorkshire Brass Band Championship is acknowledged by the committee in their use of two adjudicators for each section. The adjudicators sit in the same adjudication 'box' and agree the results before handing them to the scrutineers on stage. More details about many of our adjudicators and other useful adjudication resources, including performance assessment criteria, are available from the Association of Brass Band Adjudicators. The adjudicators for the 2017 contest are:

Championship Section

Sandy Smith and Stephen Roberts

Sandy Smith Stephen Roberts

First Section

Ewan Easton and David Hirst

Ewan Easton David Hirst

Second Section

David Roberts and Leigh Baker

David Roberts Leigh Baker

Third Section

Glyn Williams and Jim Davies

Glyn Williams Jim Davies

Fourth Section

Mareika Gray and Sandy Smith

Mareika Gray Sandy Smith