St. George's Hall

Programme 2016

The 2016 Championships will take place on the 5-6 March 2016. The schedule for the weekend is listed below. Note that for 2016 the programme has been changed so that there will be 3 sections on the saturday and two sections on the sunday

We estiamte that the final band of the Championship Section will have finished playing by 20:00 and that the results will have been announced by approximately 20:30 so why not take advantage of this earlier finishing time and visit the Yorkshire Championships!

Championship Section: Sunday 6th March 15:30.

First Section: Sunday 6th March 10:00.

Second Section: Saturday 5th March 16:15. (approx, after fourth section)

Third Section: Saturday 5th March 09:15

Fourth Section: Saturday 5th March 12:45 (approx, after third section)