Musical Directors' Records

The table below shows the results of bands conducted by John Clay since 1998

Summary of recent results for John Clay
YearSection Band Name Conductor Draw No. Points PositionNote
20182Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay47
20174Clifton & Lightcliffe B John Clay22Qualified
20172Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay99
20163Clifton & Lightcliffe B John Clay611
20161Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay112
20151Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay610
20153Clifton & Lightcliffe B John Clay811
20144Clifton & Lightcliffe B John Clay11Qualified
20141Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay16
20134Clifton & Lightcliffe B John Clay117
20131Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay26
20122Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay11Qualified
20114Clifton & Lightcliffe B John Clay19
20112Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay26
20104Clifton & Lightcliffe B John Clay1211
20103Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay112Qualified
20092Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay109
20082Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay417611
20073Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay31812Qualified
20063Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay91842Qualified
20054Golcar John Clay617111
20003Yorkshire Traction Honley John Clay717211

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