Musical Directors' Records

The table below shows the results of bands conducted by Prof David King since 1998

Summary of recent results for Prof David King
YearSection Band Name Conductor Draw No. Points PositionNote
2018CBrighouse & RastrickProf David King82Pre-qualified
2015CBrighouse & RastrickProf David King24Pre-qualified
2014CBrighouse & RastrickProf David King51Pre-qualified
2013CBrighouse & RastrickProf David King52Pre-qualified
2012CBrighouse & RastrickProf David King132Pre-qualified
2011CBrighouse & RastrickProf David King111Pre-qualified
2010CBrighouse & RastrickProf David King51Qualified
2006CYBS BandProf David King91933Qualified
2005CYBSProf David King71923Pre-qualified
2004CYorkshire Building SocietyProf David King141971Qualified
2003CYorkshire Building SocietyProf David King21916
2002CYorkshire Building SocietyProf David King91914Pre-qualified
2001CYorkshire Building SocietyProf David King71922Qualified
2000CYorkshire Building SocietyProf David King121671Qualified
1999CYorkshire Building SocietyProf David King31836
1998CYorkshire Building SocietyProf David King51962Qualified

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