Musical Directors' Records

The table below shows the results of bands conducted by Morgan Griffiths since 1998

Summary of recent results for Morgan Griffiths
YearSection Band Name Conductor Draw No. Points PositionNote
2018CHammonds Saltaire Morgan Griffiths107
2017CHammonds Saltaire Morgan Griffiths82Qualified
2016CHammonds Saltaire Morgan Griffiths95
2015CHammonds Saltaire Morgan Griffiths48
2014CHammonds Saltaire Morgan Griffiths47
2013CHammonds Saltaire Morgan Griffiths710
2012CHammonds Saltaire Morgan Griffiths127
20111Hammonds Saltaire Morgan Griffiths11Qualified
20101Hammonds Saltaire Morgan Griffiths45
2009CHammonds Saltaire Morgan Griffiths1011
2008CYBS Morgan Griffiths111828
20063Elland Silver Morgan Griffiths21833
20052Elland Silver Morgan Griffiths217110
20042Elland Silver Morgan Griffiths51826

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