2020 Area Contest

Statement from the Regional Secretary

Following ongoing discussion and debate amongst the Regional Committee ever since the Coronavirus outbreak first appeared we have desperately been trying to find a way of allowing the contest to go ahead as planned.

Even though the Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre are currently still operating normally we have come to the decision that our duty of care in ensuring the health and safety of all participants cannot be guaranteed, and so we have taken the devastating decision to cancel this year’s event.

The Committee are desperately sad to have had to take this course of action but trust you understand our reasons for doing so.

Over the coming days we will be firming up how we manage the grading tables and advancement of bands to the National Finals and will not make any further comment until they have been finalised.

I would like to thank my Committee and Chairman for their advice and enduring support through what has been an incredibly stressful time for us all.

Future contest dates

The contest is always held on the third weekend in March. The dates for the coming years are:

  • March 20th / 21st 2021
  • March 19th / 20th 2022


The Regional Committee is always happy to receive suggestions as to how the contest may be improved for future years. Please note that we can only enter into correspondence with your band secretary.

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