2018 Area Contest

The 2018 contest took place at the Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre over the weekend of March 17th / 18th 2018.

Details of the timings, locations and adjudicators are given below.

SectionDateHallNumber of bandsAdjudicatorsDraw TimeNotes
ChampionshipSunday 18th MarchGordon Craig Theatre12Sandy Smith & Ian Brownbill2:00 pmResults & Grading
1stSaturday 17th MarchGordon Craig Theatre16Sandy Smith & Ian Brownbill1:00 pmResults & Grading
2ndSunday 18th MarchGordon Craig Theatre18Leigh Baker & Tom Davoren9:00 am & 11:00 amResults & Grading
3rdSaturday 17th MarchGordon Craig Theatre16Chris King & Sarah Groarke-Booth9:00 amResults & Grading
4thSunday 18th MarchMain Hall18Sarah Groarke-Booth & John Ward10:30 am & 12:30 pmResults & Grading

Future contest dates

The contest is always held on the third weekend in March. The dates for the coming years are:

  • March 16th / 17th 2019
  • March 21st / 22nd 2020


The Regional Committee is always happy to receive suggestions as to how the contest may be improved for future years. Please note that we can only enter into correspondence with your band secretary.

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