2022 Contest

The 2022 contest will take place on the weekend of 19th and 20th March 2022 at the Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre. The 2nd and 1st sections will take place on the Saturday; the remaining sections on the Sunday.

Further information can be found on the contest page.

An errata has been issued for the first section test piece: Spectrum

Queries about the third section test piece: “Facets of Glass” have been answered.

Future contest dates

The contest is always held on the third weekend in March. The dates for the coming years are:

  • March 18th / 19th 2023
  • March 16th / 17th 2024
  • March 15th / 16th 2025


The Regional Committee is always happy to receive suggestions as to how the contest may be improved for future years. Please note that we can only enter into correspondence with your band secretary.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to this web site or find any errors please e-mail me.