Information for bands


The following information has been sent to all band secretaries.

PARKING:  Due to extensive construction works in the town centre you should allow plenty of time to get to the venue and park in the nearby public car parks.

DOORS: The main entrance to the building will be open to the public at 7:30am on both days. Entry to the Contest Halls will be permitted approximately 15 minutes before the start of each section.


COMPETITORS TICKETS: These should be collected from the Programmes Desk in the foyer on production of the ticket collection authorisation form.

REHEARSALS: Bands are advised to make their own rehearsal arrangements.

REFRESHMENTS: Various facilities, including bars and vending machines, are available at the Centre.

TRADE STANDS: There will be several trade stands situated in the foyer and gallery offering a wide range of merchandise, music and other band-related services. Please pay them a visit during the weekend.

CONTEST RULES: The National Rules (January 2023) will be used for this event and can be downloaded from the Kapitol web site

REGISTRATION:  BBP Ltd registration cards must be used at this contest. Any player presenting a card that is not compliant for any reason will not be permitted to play – if they do, the Band may be disqualified. Please remember that any new or transferring players must be received and processed by BBP Ltd by Friday 8th March 2024 at the latest. It is the responsibility of the Band officials to ensure that all of its players are correctly registered and eligible to play at the contest. Each player will also need to present their competitors ticket at the registration desk and any spares must be returned.

DRAW: *In view of the large entry in this years’ contest, the Regional Committee implemented a split draw (Rule14d) for Sections 1-4. The draw details were sent to secretaries on 3rd February 2024.

The order of play will be decided by a draw in the control room, which will be held in the Alleyne Room on the first floor of the Arts & Leisure Centre. Please arrive 10 minutes before the stated draw time so that you receive all necessary information beforehand. Only one representative from each band will be allowed into the room.

ASSEMBLY AREA: Band representatives will be informed of the assembly area arrangements at the draw. Please note we are unable to accommodate any band in the area before the draw is held for their section. Eating and drinking in the Assembly Area is strictly forbidden.

PERCUSSION & STAGE SET-UP: Please see the separate diagram attachment which you should print and complete and hand in at the draw. Your band must not travel with large percussion as it cannot be moved safely around the building. Please note that the Timpani will be in a set position on stage as per the diagram provided. Other large items may be retained in a set position at the discretion of the Contest Management. A small percussion group will be allowed on stage to help arrange their equipment, and another 2 players will be allowed to arrange the seating at the same time prior to the rest of the band joining them on stage.

NATIONAL ANTHEM: The bands drawn number one in the Fourth and First sections only will be required to play the National Anthem (Number 61 in the Red Hymn Book) at the start of the contest.

TEST PIECE ERRATA: In the event of errata being issued by the publisher or composer it will ONLY appear officially on the Kapitol Promotions Ltd and L&SC Regional websites.

RESULTS CEREMONY: One representative from each band will be requested on stage for the ceremony, and it would be appreciated if uniform or other smart clothing are worn. The Results Delegate card will be placed on the stage chairs in draw order.

ADJUDICATOR’S REMARKS: The Adjudicator’s remarks should be collected from the Dance Studio which is directly behind the Theatre stage, on production of the Delegates Card, immediately after the prize-giving ceremony. Any adjudicator’s remarks not collected within 10 minutes of the results being announced will be posted to the band secretary during the week following the Contest.

RECORDINGS:  World of Sound will record and stream all performances again this year following the announcement of the results via their Wobplay subscription service. The Committee will not enter into correspondence or discussion as regards to the relative merits of any performance based on these recordings. The use of personal recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited. The Committee reserves the right to refuse entrance to any person carrying any such equipment.

COVID: Please check the Regional website for information and updates over the coming weeks.

BOPA: The Regional Committee will apply for a group BOPA for the contest. The forms were sent to secretaries at the end of January so please return them no later than 8th February.

DISCLAIMER: The Regional Committee accepts no responsibility whatsoever for personal injury (fatal or otherwise) unless such injury is shown to be the result of negligence on the part of the Regional Committee. Band members must ensure that all safety precautions are observed.

The Regional Committee accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss of or damage to personal property and all band members are required to take appropriate steps to safeguard their property.

The Regional Committee accepts no responsibility for costs to the Bands in respect of the cancellation of the Regional Contest on or before the Contest date.

On behalf of the Regional Committee, I wish every band a happy and successful contest.

Kevin Williams

Secretary, L&SC Regional Committee