The London and Southern Counties 2020 Regional Qualifying Contest will be held on the weekend 21st/22nd March 2020 at the Arts and Leisure Centre in Stevenage.

More information about the contest may be found (when released) using the menu above:

Errata have been released by Kapitol for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th section test pieces.

The following guidelines have been issued for the second section test piece “The Golden Sabre”:

Optional Percussion: Kit Turnbull’s set test-piece The Golden Sabre for Section 2 has an optional “Percussion 3” part – clearly marked as optional on the score. In Kit’s words: “all important stuff is cued in Percussion 1 & 2”.

However, this means that if a band only has two percussion players, some of the “Percussion 3” part will be missing – because in some places, all three percussion parts have something to play.

Therefore, bands should not be penalised if they do not play the “Percussion 3” part in their performance at the upcoming Regional Championships 2020.

Your regional committee will also inform the Section 2 adjudicators of this, so that their performance is not unfairly penalised.