Information for bands


The following information has been sent to all band secretaries.

Second and Fourth Sections

In view of the large entry in this years Contest, the Regional Committee decided to enforce a split draw (Rule16d) in the Second and Fourth Sections. Changes will only be considered if there is an even number of bands wishing to switch from their allotted half to the other, otherwise band representatives must be present at the draw time advised to their secretary.


The National Rules in their most recent version (January 2018) will be used for this event. These rules can be downloaded from the Kapitol web site


In the event of errata being issued by the publisher or composer it will appear on the Kapitol website.

An errata has been published for the third section which may be found here.


Large percussion will be provided by G I Percussion. We request that your band does not travel with large percussion. No beaters will be provided other than those stated. Please note the Timpani will be in a set position on stage.


The order of play will be decided by a draw in the Education Room on the first floor of the Arts and Leisure Centre. Draw times are as stated here and only ONE representative per band will be allowed into the draw. Due to space limitations, the adjudicators will not be present at the draw.

Stage set-up

After registration, a small percussion party will be allowed on stage to set their equipment along with representatives of G I Percussion, prior to the full band taking the stage. Please note that NO set-up party will be allowed on stage to arrange the seating for the main band.

Adjudicator’s remarks

Bands are advised that adjudicators will judge each performance against the Performance Assessment Criteria (PAC) as issued by

Your Adjudicator’s remarks can be collected from the Control Room, ONLY on the production of a Delegates Card approximately 15 minutes after the prize-giving ceremony. The Delegates card will be issued on the day. Any adjudicator’s remarks not collected within 30 minutes of the results being announced will be posted to the band secretary in the week following the Contest.

Coach arrival and parking

Coaches may drop off players and instruments at the rear of The Leisure Centre; access can be gained via Danesgate. Cars and coaches are not permitted to enter the Arts & Leisure private car park and so must make their own parking arrangements.

Holding Area

Band representatives will be informed of the holding area arrangements at the draw. Please note we are unable to accommodate any band in the area before the draw for their section.

National Anthem

The bands drawn number one in the  Fourth, Third and Second Sections will be required to play the National Anthem (Number 61 in the Red Hymn Book) at the start of the contest.


The results will be announced in the following order:, interspersed with any Special Awards, and the prizes will be presented at the end of each section

Presentation ceremony

One representative of each band will be required on stage for this ceremony and it would be appreciated if uniform, off-duty uniform or other smart clothing were worn.


Bands are advised to make their own arrangements in this respect.


World of Sound Ltd. will record all performances again this year. The Committee cannot enter into correspondence or discussion as regards to the relative merits of any performance based on these recordings. I would remind you that the use of personal recording devices of any kind is prohibited. The Committee reserves the right to refuse entrance to any person carrying any such equipment.

Brass Band Radio

Band performances will not be recorded or broadcasted but you will have the opportunity to meet the producers by visiting the New Moon Insurance stand if you wish to be interviewed on behalf of your band or to express your views on any brass band matter.


Bandsman Tickets have been sent to secretaries which are valid for your section only and subject to seating being available. We are unable to replace any lost tickets. If a member wishes to support another section on the same day, a special concession ticket can be purchased at the box office for £5 on the surrender of their Competitor’s Ticket. A special all weekend bandsman exchange ticket can be purchased from the box office for the cost of £11.

A Bandsman Ticket or Special Concession Ticket MUST be produced at the registration table. Any spare bandsman tickets must be returned at the registration table.

Registration cards (Brass Band Players)

Registration cards should be presented at the registration table, with the name of the player along with current photo and band name as in the programme.

Public Admission

The main entrance to the building will be open to the public at 9 am on both days. Entry to the Contest Halls will be approximately 15 minutes before the start of the section.


Light refreshments are available during the day in the Arts & Leisure Centre, However the management advises us that only food purchased on the premises will be allowed to be consumed in the Restaurant/Cafeteria area.

Qualification to the finals

Qualification to the finals as stated in the Entry Form, i.e.; based on the numbers entered per the section.

Small Print

The Regional Committee accepts no responsibility for personal injury (fatal or otherwise) unless such injury is shown to be the result of negligence on the part of the Regional Committee. Band members must ensure that all safety precautions are observed.

The Regional Committee accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss of or damage to personal property and all band members are required to take appropriate steps to safeguard their property.

The Regional Committee accepts no responsibility for costs to the Bands in respect of the cancellation of the Regional Contest on or before the Contest date.

We wish every band a happy and successful contest.